No political speaking at this year’s Fancy Farm Picnic

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – An annual event that attracts hundreds of people to a tiny Western Kentucky enclave each year will go on but it won’t include one of its main features — stump speeches from politicians.

The 140th St. Jerome Picnic in the Fancy Farm community in Graves County will happen Aug. 1, as planned, according to organizers of the historic St. Jerome Catholic Church. But the coronavirus will change some things, according to rules released this week by the church.

According to those guidelines, the event:

1. we will sell pork and mutton by the pound

  1. conduct an online and person to person raffle
  2. sell T-shirts
  3. None of the other booths or stands will be open
  4. No camping sites will be rented
  5. No Friday night events will be held
  6. The political speaking will not take place

“I know this is a disappointment to some and comes as a relief to others. However, taking into consideration all the factors, I believe it is the best route to take at this time,” Rev. Darrell Venters of St. Jerome Catholic Church said on the event’s Facebook page. “If we all promote and get behind the raffle and the sell of meat by the pound, we can and will have a successful picnic financially.”

Details about the online and person-to-person raffle will be coming out within the next couple of days, Venters added.

“The parish of St. Jerome has been in existence for 184 years. During those 184 years, the people have lived and prayed through times of drought, wars, pandemics, times of plenty and times of scarcity and have held steady to the faith and depended on God’s providence. We will continue to do the same in our time and in the future. Know of my prayers for you and I ask a remembrance of me in yours. God bless,” Venters concluded.

Fancy Farm is on KY 80 about 10 miles northwest of Mayfield, the county seat of Graves County. It has a population of about 450 people.

According to Wikipedia, it was settled by Roman Catholics starting in 1829, and is known for being a strongly Catholic area. The community grew around St. Jerome Church, built in 1836.

The first post office opened in 1843. The colorful name was apparently chosen when the post office opened, by a man who was applying to be postmaster, according to Wikipedia.

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