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Friday, September 24, 2021
Tags Dr. James Stillwell

Tag: Dr. James Stillwell

Discussing anger with Dr. James Stillwell

We have all heard dangerous examples of "road rage." How do you respond when someone's anger is directed at you? Or when you are...

Vintage communication with Dr. James Stillwell

Life is moving faster than it ever has before" are lyrics from a '70s song, but are exponentially more true today. With so many...

Loss of a co-worker with Dr. James Stillwell

Officially, the month of May is Mental Health Month. One mental health topic that most of us will face is how to deal with...

First day of spring with Dr. James Stillwell

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter! As we continue to celebrate this first day of spring, Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Dr. James Stillwell, is here to talk about emerging from our personal hibernation and embrace the changing of the season.

Masks with Dr. James Stillwell

As we just went through the season of Mardi Gras where everyone wears masks for fun, it reminds us that many of us wear psychological masks trying to prevent personal embarrassment and anxiety. Licensed pastoral counselor Dr. James Stillwell is with us to talk about living authentic and putting away the mask to be our real self.

“Weekend anxiety trap” with Dr. James Stillwell

On Monday mornings, do you ever hear, "how was your weekend?" even though this is a greeting we all hear and often ask of others, do you feel pressure to post on social media pictures and embellish all the wonderful things you experienced? Licensed pastoral counselor Dr. James Stillwell is with us today to help us understand how to avoid the "weekend anxiety trap".

Stressful changes with Dr. James Stillwell

Many people joke, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute. If we are to unprepared, the changes in weather can be unexpected and often dangerous. The same is true for the stressful changes in our lives. Licensed pastoral counselor Dr. James Stillwell is with us today to review the basics for resilience during changing circumstances.

Dr. James Stillwell and spiraling out of control

Every day, things happen that are beyond our control. So what do we do in these situations? Licensed Pastoral Counselor Dr. James Stillwell is with us today to help us reframe events and work toward positive solutions.

Positive Self-Talk with Dr. James Stillwell

It's not crazy, it's natural! We've all talked to ourselves at some point or another. But, Dr. James Stillwell of Dr. James Stillwell Ministries​ says letting the negative thoughts linger in your mind for too long, can have an impact on the quality of life! Watch this clip to learn more!

Premarital Counseling – Dr. James Stillwell

Dr. James Stillwell Ministries tells viewers that they should not let the planning of a fabulous wedding take away from the importance of a lasting marriage!

Infidelity, Counseling, & Recovery! Dr. John Stillwell Talks Relationships!

Dr. James Stillwell of Dr. James Stillwell Ministries talks infidelity, counseling, and recovery with our hosts Katie Solove and Troy Thompson!

Surviving Valentine’s Day Single – Dr. James Stillwell

Dr. James Stillwell stops by with some tips to help all the singles survive Valentine's Day.

Practical Tips to Handle Workplace Overload – Dr. James Stillwell

What do you do when work is seriously stressing you out? Dr. James Stillwell Ministries has three basic principles to cope with a difficult workload.

Ways to Deal With Conflict – Dr. James Stillwell

Dr. James Stillwell of Dr. James Stillwell Ministries always gives us great advice, and today he stopped by with these tips on how to approach a conversation when there's existing conflict.

Tips to Make 2017 A Success- Dr. James Stillwell

Have you stuck to your so far this year? If you haven’t, don’t worry just yet because Dr. James Stillwell with James Stillwell Ministries is back to talk about getting back on track and some tips to making the rest of the year a success.

Staying on Track for the New Year- Dr. James Stillwell

Ready to start off 2017 with a bang?! Well Dr. James Stillwell of Dr. James Stillwell Ministries has some helpful suggestions to make sure your resolutions stick before diving head first into the New Year!

“Seasonal Affective Disorder” – Dr. James Stillwell

Are you feeling down as the days get shorter and it stays darker longer? Dr. James Stillwell, of Dr. James Stillwell Ministries is in to talk about seasonal affective disorder.

Avoiding Impulse Buying on Cyber Monday- Dr. James Stillwell

One of the busiest shopping days of the year is primarily done online.

Easing Family Tension at Thanksgiving – Dr. James Stillwell

The holidays may bring families together, but for some family members, that may not seem like the greatest idea.

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