GP: Suspicious vehicle prompts secure WIFI network alert in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Ky, (WTVQ) – A suspicious vehicle in a Georgetown neighborhood prompted police to alert the community to secure their wi-fi accounts.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office and Georgetown Police responded to a call about a suspicious man inside of a car in the Alton Estate subdivision over the weekend.

When investigators approached the suspect — they discovered the man was not from Kentucky, was using a laptop and trying to gain access to unsecure wi-fi networks in the area.

Police told ABC 36 it is common for criminals to utilize the unsecure networks to illegally gain personal information .

Georgetown Police say they are trying to educate the public about internet crimes and how they can protect themselves.

According to Police, following these steps can protect you from identity theft:
– Secure you network with a strong password
– Check credit cards and bank statements regularly
– Report any suspicious vehicles to police

Visit this site ( to learn more about identity theft and internet crimes.

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