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Private, graveside service ends; Bush buried

Texas A&M says the private, graveside service for George H.W. Bush's family members has ended and the former president has been buried.

Tax Dollars Pay for Unclaimed Body Burials

It is common for the Fayette County Coroner to ask for the public's help in finding family members of people who have died but what happens when the family can't be found?
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Ky. to receive $6 million grant for new veterans cemetery

Kentucky's plans to create a veterans cemetery in Leslie County will be backed by a grant from the National Cemetery Administration.
Kwame El-Amin

Gofundme for shooting victim

One of the Douglass Park shooting victims passed away on Thursday night, and his family asked for community support to handle the sudden funeral expenses.
Kentucky Heritage Council

Native American burial mound being given to conservancy

The Kentucky Heritage Council says a Kentucky bank is donating a prehistoric Native American burial mound in Greenup County to The Archaeological Conservancy.

Kentucky Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Remembered

26-year-old Sergeant Michael Cable was laid to rest today at Rose Hill Cemetary in Owensboro.

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