Storm Survey Team Tours Harlan County Damage

A storm survey team with the National Weather Service determined the damage in Evarts was caused by straight-line winds up to 90 mph.
The survey team found the trees and other debris across Harlan County had been blown in generally the same direction and did not show signs of rotation from a tornado.

In Evarts, the roof of the Dairy Hut was blown off, hitting a car and the Marathon gas station across the street.

Tim Brackett, who owns the Marathon, was at the Dairy Hut when the storm hit Monday afternoon.

Brackett said, "I was over there having lunch which I normally have at Marathon, but I had it at the Dairy Hut yesterday, which probably saved my life considering the dining room here got crushed by the wall."

Brackett plans to open on Wednesday, just two days after the storm damaged the store.

Across the street, the Dairy Hut is believed to be a complete loss, but they plan to rebuild.

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