Staying safe in severe weather vs social distancing

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Social distancing has become a way of life over the past month. Keeping our distance and six feet from everyone else to help slow down the spread of the COVID-19, but how far should we take it? What happens when public safety and public health collide?

Being in the right place during a tornado could mean the difference between life and death but social distancing from the Coronavirus could too.

Mark Jarvis is a Senior Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Louisville, Ky. He says, “We ask people that they review there weather report from the national weather service and local media, follow their feeds on social media; like Facebook and Twitter. Sometime since severe weather happens at night check the forecast before you go to bed.”

The National Weather Service is still saying it is essential to protect yourself from incoming storm. If don’t have a basement and don’t feel safe from an approaching storm you need a ‘Plan B’ but with the Coronavirus make sure you follow CDC Guidelines according to Jarvis, “with the pandemic you want to make sure number one that their open before you go and you also want to head to the shelter before the warnings are issued.”

Public Health Official in Alabama and Mississippi told residents to seek other option in regards to community shelters earlier this week. If you need to shelter in place with a friend or neighbor, remember tornadoes are quick moving. Jarvis reminds us, “a tornado does not take very long to go through a specific area most of the time it’s a matter of seconds to no more than a half of a minute then you are going to exit the shelter. It’s a very different dynamic when you’re talking about a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.”

Protect yourself from a potentially deadly storm or from a global pandemic.

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