Staying Safe and Warm when the Storm Hits

As a late winter storm inches closer to the Bluegrass, the Kentucky Public Service Commission is offering advice to those who lose power or who attempt to clear away debris from the storm.

• Should you lose power, contact your local utility company right away and check your electrical connections and meters for damage. Any damages will need to be repaired before electricity can be restored.

• Obviously, stay away from downed power lines. If you see them, call your local utility company. If they appear to be sparking or on fire, call 911.

• Only use portable heaters that are certified for indoor use. Place them in well-ventilated areas and away from anything combustible.

• Fires can result from refueling a generator while it’s running. Refuel it only after it’s been shut off and given time to cool down.

• Make sure your generator is the right size for the electrical load you place on it. Do not overload it.

• Don’t connect your generator to your home’s indoor wiring, as it could backfeed and not only damage your generator, but pose a serious danger to workers trying to restore power.

• Do not try to remove any branches, limbs or trees that may have fallen onto service connections or electircal lines. Call your local utility company and arrange for the debris to be taken care of.

For additional tips to stay safe while using a backup generator, click here.

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