State hits one month mark with 54 new cases, 14 deaths

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky hits the one month mark of its first confirmed coronavirus case Monday with 54 new cases, which brings the state total to 1,008, crossing another milestone.

He also said the state had 14 more deaths, bringing to 59 the state’s total. Four of the deaths were in Jefferson and one was in Fayette.

“A tough, tough day,” he lamented.

“We are not seeing the day after day big increases of other states,” he said of the number of new cases, but warned residents not to get to excited because the increases “are coming we think.”

“Don’t let the numbers numb us, let’s don’t forget these people and minimize our losses,” he added.

Of the cases,about 70 people remain hospitalized.

Of the current cases, two are among inmates and five among staff at Green River Correctional and 12 — three employees and nine patients — are at Western State Hospital which has been “hit hard,” the governor said.

Advocating integrity, work ethic, commitment and personal responsibility as the characteristics of the last “Great Generation,” Beshear continued his push to remind Kentuckians of the responsibility to fight the coronavirus by practicing proper health and safety habits.

“Commit to seven days, every week, every hour,” the governor said, again calling the coming days “crunch time” that could be filled with “heartbreaking loss.”

Beshear announced the state will use cabins in its state parks to quarantine first responders, when needed, to protect their families and co-workers from being around them.

The state also plans to use lodges as additional medical beds, if needed. That would add almost 1,200 beds to the state’s capacity if that becomes necessary, the governor said.

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