Some flooding expected in Ravenna, EMA urges caution when driving

Riddle says some of the areas that will be impacted once the river hits 21 feet won't be homes...but roads.

ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Flooding is expected in Estill County, as the Kentucky River continues to rise.

The Estill County Emergency Management Director, Ronnie Riddle says they were expecting much heavier rains this week and a more severe threat of flooding in the area. But, that’s not what they ended up getting this time around. However, there is a flood warning in effect that started Friday afternoon and will last until Sunday afternoon in Ravenna near the Kentucky River.

According to Riddle, the flood stage for the Kentucky river is 21 feet.
He says around 11: 15 a.m. Friday, the flood stage was just over 20 feet and that it’s expected to reach 22 feet by the end of Friday.

Riddle says some of the areas that will be impacted once the river hits 21 feet won’t be homes…but roads.

Those roads are Red Lick Road, Millers Creek Road, Dark Hollow Road, and Noland Creek Road.

At 21.5 feet, Sang Branch Road will be under water at Red Lick.

Once the roads are covered in water it will affect how some people travel, having to take alternate routes to get into town.

Riddle says although the people in this area are used to this type of flooding, it’s important to remember to pay attention to the roads, to any barriers put up and monitor water levels near homes.

“The most likely danger from a flood is not that it’s going to get into your home, especially at this level, the most likely danger is someone could drive into it and we don’t want that to happen” said Riddle.

Riddle also says this is the type of flooding they see about five times a year and it would take about 9 more feet for the Kentucky river to rise for it to be considered a severe flooding event.

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