Shelters Saving Lives

As the temperature goes down, the number of people in homeless shelters goes up.  The increased demand has to be met or people can die in this cold.

The Salvation Army and The Hope Center are two 24-hour emergency shelters people can go to keep warm.

“The past couple nights, it’s the most I’ve seen here,” said Robert Cinnamon, who works at The Hope Center.  “It’s really crowded, really crowded.”

“It’s not safe to be outside, we want them to come in, where they’re loved and cared for and where they get the tools they need to rebuild their lives,” said Major Debra Ashcraft with The Salvation Army.

Despite both shelters being packed, both Cinnamon and Ashcraft agree they won’t turn people away. 

“Even if we don’t have a bed, we’re going to make sure we have a mattress or someplace where they can come in out of the cold,” said Ashcraft.

The Salvation Army is collecting donations of:
twin sheets
warm coats
hats, gloves, mittens
personal care items

The Hope Center is collecting:
personal care items

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