Sen. McConnell addresses Election Day results, future

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Sen. Mitch McConnell addressed Election Day 2020 results with reporters on Wednesday in Louisville, after he won a seventh term in office Tuesday night.

When asked about the Presidential race, which remains uncalled, McConnell praised the electoral college. He also added he believes both parties will likely ‘lawyer-up’ pending the official results saying, “Going to court is how we resolve uncertainty in our country.”

McConnell said having a close election is common and that, “The courts will decide the dispute.”

When asked how he plans to personally work with Joe Biden, if Biden secures the presidential race, McConnell said, “I’m not sure I’ll need to or not. We don’t know who won the presidential race yet.”

Another question is the majority leaders status and whether he’ll keep it. “I’m told we’re more likely to get a definitive answer by North Carolina or Maine by the end of the day,” said McConnell who noted we’re still awaiting a, “Final answer in Michigan or whether we’ll have two runoffs in Georgia or one.”

“I think Kentucky has undergone a political transformation,” said McConnell, addressing counties that have flipped.

Sen. McConnell also addressed another possible stimulus boost he hopes to secure before the end of the year, “We need another rescue package. The senate goes back in session next Monday.” McConnell said he hopes, “partisan passions will subside with the election.”

Sen. McConnell addressed the $150 billion shelled out as part of the CARES Act, saying many local and state governments are doing well. He added, “It’s hard to really figure out who needs it and who really doesn’t.”

“You can keep pumping money into the economy forever,” said McConnell, adding it, “won’t solve the problem until you kill the virus.”

McConnell also addressed a question on the possibility of Biden packing the courts with justices, saying it would make the SCOTUS less credible and that he was ‘surprised’ Biden didn’t rule out that notion.

Sen. McConnell also talked about President Donald Trump’s campaign. “President ran a heck of a race,” said McConnell. “And turned it into a cliff hanger against everybodys expectation.”

You can read more about McConnell’s victory speech from Tuesday night HERE.

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