After schools close due to teacher call outs, hundreds of teachers still show up to help students in need

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Fayette County Schools were among those closed for the day but just because the classrooms were empty, doesn’t mean teachers weren’t there.

While some teachers were rallying in Frankfort, Brenda Moors-Charles and some of her fellow teachers at Wellington Elementary School were at the school picking up backpacks full of food to take to their students in need.

“Because on Fridays we send out food bags and birthday cakes from the sweet blessings people and she needed help delivering it,” said Moors-Charles, a second grade teacher at Wellington Elementary School.

Normally the food bags go home with students after class every Friday, but because school was closed unexpectedly students didn’t have a chance to take home the bags.

“I reached out on Facebook and within seconds, literally seconds, I had 10 to 15 staff members that wanted to come in and help,” said Sue Ellen Young, the Family Resource Center coordinator for Wellington Elementary School.

It wasn’t just the teachers at Wellington, hundreds of teachers across the district did the same thing at their schools.

“Teachers have big hearts and they want to take care of kids whether it’s a school day or not,” said Julie Strange, principal of Wellington Elementary School.

In addition to taking care of their students, these teachers say they’re doing this in solidarity with the teachers rallying in Frankfort.

“That’s what I love about this. It’s not an us against them. It’s not this way is better or that way is better. We are all focused on the common good,” said Moors-Charles.

That common good, Moors-Charles says, is respect for teachers and what they do every day to help the future leaders of america.

“And I think it’s the most honorable profession and you’ve got to stop because I’m going to cry,” said Moors-Charles.

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