Scam targeting registered sex offenders in Henderson County

HENDERSON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky State Police is warning of a new scam that is targeting registered sex offenders in Henderson County.

KSP says the scammer is calling registered sex offenders and claiming to be law enforcement while requesting $450 – $1,000 for a DNA test. The scammer threatens to arrest the victim if they don’t comply.

Troopers say law enforcement will not call to inform of an arrest warrant. They also say these agencies will not ask anyone for money, banking, personal information or make threats of arrest.

Trooper say their best recommendation is to treat every solicitation call as a scam until proven otherwise.

KSP says its also important to remind Kentuckians of other common scams.

It says the best and proper way to determine the legitimacy of a charitable organization is to check with the Kentucky Office of Attorney General. By law, every charitable organization must be registered with the Attorney General’s Office. To do so, call (502)696-5300 or visit

The Better Business Bureau may also be a viable option to check as well.

KSP says it also should be noted that it is illegal for any lottery and/or a sweepstakes to request you send money for any reason. Furthermore, all foreign lotteries and/or sweepstakes are illegal.

Scams come in various forms and are ever evolving into newer areas. To help as an overall guide, KSP gives its Top 10 Tip-offs to a Rip-off!

10) High pressure sales or frequent calls.

9) Immediate decision (You must act NOW, hence no time to decide or research for that matter).

8) Request a credit or debit card or any banking account information.

7) Offer to send someone to your home or to overnight something.

6) Something for free.

5) Unresponsive to questions or too quick to answer by cutting you off.

4) An investment without a risk (Every investment holds some form of risk(s)).

3) Will NOT provide written information or references (Maybe hangs up on you when asked for written information or other forms of authenticity).

2) Not registered with the Attorney General’s Office.

1) If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

Should anyone receive these calls or has questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General at (502) 696-5300.

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