Scam alert in Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Scammers are targeting Wayne County residents after the election on the wet-dry issue that passed on November 3.

According to Wayne County Sheriff Tim Catron, some people living in the community have received a letter stating they have been selected for a promotional Bud Light Auto Wrap advertisement campaign.

Bud Light is a trademark name owned by the Anheuser-Busch Corporation that distills alcoholic beverages.

In the letter, it contains a check for over $2,500.00 with the explanation of $500.00 is for the first week’s payment for the wrap advertisement with the remaining balance for the resident to pay the technician/installer for the Bud Light wrap after it has been installed on the vehicle, according to authorities.

They say the letter tells the recipient to deposit the check in their bank account then send the scammer a picture of the bank’s deposit receipt.

According to the sheriff, if a resident calls the phone number in the letter, they are being asked for their car’s paint color and additional information to make this scam seem legitimate.

Authorities say after calling the company and the bank that the check was drawn on, it was learned that these bank accounts were hacked, and the accounts have been closed.

Sheriff Carton reminds citizens to never give anyone your personal information by any means without verifying you are dealing with a legitimate source.

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