SCAM ALERT: Identity theft scam circulating on Facebook

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Officers in Richmond are warning Kentuckians against an identity theft scam making the rounds on Facebook.

Police say to beware of anyone sending messages directing the receiver to a “Federal Government Empowerment Money Program.”  Officers say the scammers will message the receiver using a picture of one of the user’s friends.  In other words, you will appear to receive a message from someone you know, directing you to check out the program.

Scammers will say they received a bulk amount of money after sending in a small fee, and will even include a picture of the cash they received in a UPS box.  The scammer will also send along a form requesting personal and financial information.

Richmond Police are spreading the word that this is a complete hoax, aimed only at getting your money out of your wallet.  If you’ve received a message from anyone who claims any contact with the bogus program, or who is promoting it, discontinue any communication immediately.

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