RECAP: Cats’ Fans Celebrate After Win in Elite 8

It was a nail biting game to the very end, and then as UK came out on top against Michigan, Solid Blue fans started pouring into the streets to celebrate.

It’s the second time this weekend that Solid Blue fans have taken over the streets in celebration of advancing to the next round of the NCAA Tournament.

As fans cheered and celebrated, Lexington Police were ready. As fans took over the streets, officers quickly closed down South Limestone and other neighboring streets.

Then, as if history was repeating itself, people began making their way down to State Street, the epicenter of celebrations.

As fans continued celebrating throughout the evening, the usual victims began appearing throughout campus. Couches, mattresses and furniture were set on fire as crowds cheered.

But the fires didn’t last for long, police officers and firefighters jumped into action and quickly pushed through the crowds, and put out the flames.

“We had reported somewhere between 25 and 30 nuisance fires, said Lexington Fire Department Assistant Chief Harold Hoskins. “It was a pretty easy night, a long night, but it’s not that bad.”

Finally, after hours of celebrations, the crowds began to thin. Police began clearing people off the streets and then finally street sweepers and city workers began the daunting task of cleaning the streets.

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