People in Lexington React to Chaos in Capitol Hill

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – On Wednesday evening, Washington D.C was under curfew, after a mob of angry protesters invaded Capital Hill.

The news shocked many in the United States, including those in the Bluegrass state who are calling this behavior, disappointing.

“You don’t think that people will invade a place like the Capitol you think it’s a pretty safe place,” says Phillip Piper.

For members of Congress, the Capitol was anything but safe as they were ratifying President Trump’s loss to Joe Biden and approving the president-elect for inauguration on the 20th.

“It’s sad that America is so divided and people are storming government,” says Pipper.

Some believe this happened because of the events that unfolded this past the coronavirus while others say it’s the result of some Americans refusing to accept the results of this recent election.

“I think people are still really mad about it but it’s not the right way to act,” says Sebastion Arancibia.

Many in the Bluegrass believe that the solution for such a divide will come from politicians and citizens working hand and hand to seal such separation.

You can read more reaction from Kentucky politicians HERE.

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