“Pass the Baton” mural in the works to honor Trinity Gay

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Graffiti artist Dani Greene has big ideas for a new mural she plans to paint on the side of Whitaker Bank Ballpark.

She and artist Raymond Mueller are collaborating on a 30 ft. portrait of Trinity Gay, daughter of Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay. The 15-year-old was shot and killed outside Cook Out restaurant last month

Greene says, “It’s sad that she couldn’t finish out her life and it had to stop because this guy was shooting at this guy and you just got caught in the middle.”

Trinity wanted to be just like her father, and bring him home a gold medal of her own one day.

“This one really hit home because she really had somewhere she was going. she had dreams man,” says Greene.

But Greene says the mural is about much more than just Trinity. She’s fed up with all the recent violence in the streets.

“I’m just mad. And when you piss an artist off it kinda lights a fire underneath ya. And it’s like if Lexington will let me, I’ll put anti-gun violence murals up everywhere.”

The mural was inspired by an image given to Greene by Trinity’s mother of Trinity on the track holding a baton. Beside her will be the phrase “Pass the Baton,” a sentiment shared by Trinity’s family at her funeral that will be forever memorialized on a wall for the world to see.

Greene says, “I’m putting it in a positive light. Yeah you can march, you can do this, you can do that. It’s not going to stick around, because it’s not always in somebody’s face. This is always in your face.”

Whitaker Bank Ballpark still has to give final approval for the mural tomorrow. But Dani says once she has the go ahead it could be done as early as Sunday.

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