Officials: This week’s storm should remind people to prepare for severe weather season

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- While the storms rolling through this week aren’t expected to be too severe, emergency management says it’s a good reminder for people to double check and make sure they’re prepared for this year’s summer storm season.

Glenn Steger says he thinks he was prepared for any type of severe weather.

“Like food-wise. If the electricity goes out, having flashlights., stuff like that. I feel pretty prepared for it,” said Steger, who lives in Lexington.

But EMA officials say most people aren’t like steger.

“What we’re finding is that people are less and less aware of the weather forecast. They’re listening to radio less. They’re really not preparing for weather,” said John Bobel with Fayette County Emergency Management.

That is worrisome, officials say, because even with minor storms like what’s expected from the remnants of Alberto things can turn dangerous quickly.

“Turn around, don’t drown. Don’t drive through flood waters. If you can’t see the bottom of the roadway then turn around and find another way or just go back home and wait for the water to recede,” said Bobel.

Another hazard officials say to watch out for is falling trees.

“It’s a good idea to look at the trees in your yard. If there are limbs near the house trim them up so that if there is a storm and there is wind and you do lose a couple of limbs, they just fall on the ground and not fall on power lines or damage your home,” said Bobel.

While officials say they don’t expect too many incidents like that this week, they say people should still take this storm as a chance to reach out a make sure they and their neighbors are prepared for the start of storm season.

“Knock on the door and shake hands and say ‘hi, my name’s Michael and I’m next door and just touching base on what we are going to have in the next could of days. If you need anything call.’ You know it’s a time to prepare the family. Preparedness is the name of the game,” said Michael Dossett, director of Kentucky Emergency Management.

While Steger says he’s prepared, he says he’s always open to doing more to keep everyone as safe as possible.

“We can always do better on how we can prepare and how we are prepared for storms,” said Steger.

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