Officials Bracing For Big Game

After a nail-biting win against Wisconsin on Saturday, Solid Blue fans rushed into the streets to celebrate.

The epicenter of those celebrations was State Street, where more than 3,000 people rushed into the street just seconds after the game. Less than an hour later, firefighters estimated over 10,000 people were celebrating in the street.

Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Brian Wainscott. siad Saturday’s crowd was the biggest by far which led to more fires, more injuries, and more arrests.

Lexington Police arrested 21 people throughout the night, mostly for disorderly conduct, said Lexington Police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts.

Crews extinguished at least 80 fires most of which were furniture, clothes, and trash, Battalion Chief Joe Best said.

EMS also treated 35 people that were injured during the celebrations, Wainscott said adding that more people were probably hurt, but instead of using the fire department, they just walked across the street to UK Hospital.

“The important thing for people to understand is that we’re not keeping folks from partying, but we’re there for a reason,” said Wainscott. “When folks light a fire, it’s our job to put it out, because it could endanger somebody else’s life.”

Lexington Fire and Police departments are planning on bringing in extra personnel tonight and will be ready for the celebrations after the big battle between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Connecticut Huskies.

Officials tell ABC 36 that they’re not planning on shutting down the celebration unless they have to, but they do remind fans that it is important to celebrate safely.

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