No school or state ACT testing in Louisville today

LOUSIVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ/Courier Journal) — According to Jefferson County Public Schools, another teacher “sickout” has forced the district to close schools and cancel their participation in state-wide ACT testing.

Jefferson County Public Schools released a statement Monday night, cancelling the ACT and saying in part, “it is unfair to make juniors wait any longer to know if they will be taking such an important test.”

JCPS cancelled school entirely, shortly after.

According to the Courier Journal, more than 50,000 juniors were scheduled to take the ACT across the state on Tuesday.

Monday, KEA President Stephanie Winkler urged teachers to be in school, saying in a video on her Facebook page, “We need to keep our students in mind… I’m encouraging everyone, if possible, to be at school.”

Despite that, Jefferson County teachers went through with the sickout, JCPS saying at least one-third of their teachers called in sick.

The Courier Journal reports, however, that the two bills teachers oppose haven’t seen any formal movement in the legislature.

They say House Bill 525, related to restructuring the Teacher Retirement System Board of Trustees, made it out of committee back on February 28th.

But they say lawmakers haven’t taken any formal action since then, although amendments to the bill have been proposed.

The Courier reports House Bill 205 is still stuck in committee.

Governor Matt Bevin weighed in on the sickout Monday night as well, saying, “Don’t let all the noise of the power-hungry, money-hungry people at the KEA and others distract you from the fact that putting the children first is the greatest responsibility we have.”

JCPS says they have rescheduled their state testing date for April 24th.

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