Neighbors react to murder-suicide in Nicholasville

Nicholasville Police report that one of the children had called 9-11 to report the domestic violence and request aid

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Sunday night, a man shot his wife and then himself, with three children home at the time, none of which who were hurt.  According to Sgt. Kevin Grimes with the Nicholasville Police Department, this is the second murder-suicide he’s seen in Jessamine County, the last one being little over a month ago.

“Our community has been really shocked by this..The whole street is shocked by this..I still can’t believe this happened four doors down from my house,” says neighbor Carolyn Congleton.

According to Nicholasville police, a 9-11 domestic violence call came in from one of the three children in the home. The oldest child reported that their mom and dad were arguing. Sgt. Kevin Grimes says it only escalated from there.

“We know that through the investigation that the husband killed the wife and then took his own life, but the sad part is that we don’t know what led up to it,” explains Grimes.

Investigators are looking at call logs to see if there were previous domestic dispute calls from that home.  Congleton, says on the surface, it appeared to be a typical family with three children, ages 15, 8 and 7, who would often interact with her and her puppy, Shakera.

“They were polite and good children and even when I walked by the parents would say hi to me and Shakera and they seemed like good people,” says Congleton.

“I didn’t even hear anything. My granddaughters were with me and they told me there was a shooting down the street. I looked at them absolutely shocked. But it’s a tragedy..Especially for the children, it’s so sad,” Adds Loretta Johnson.

The Nicholasville Police Department says that the children were taken in by relatives. There’s no word of when they’ll be back to the house, if ever.

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