Nicholasville Grandmother Scammed By Computer Con Artist

Charlotte Dotson has used the same antivirus protection company for years and grew to trust them over that time.

This week, a man claiming to be from that company called her, saying they were going out of business.

Dotson said the man offered her a refund for her protection service which he could help with by logging into her computer remotely.

Once the man was in, she said her real antivirus protection told her she was about to go to an unsafe website.

Dotson hung up on the man, but before she could unplug her computer, he locked her out of the system.

According to Dotson, the con artist called back 19 times, saying he would unlock the computer for $200.

If Dotson’s grandson is unable to safely unlock the computer, she said she will have to save up to buy a new one.

Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau said, "The last thing you should do is allow someone who calls you out of the blue, no matter if they are promising you money or telling you about scary things going on with your computer, you should not let them have control of your computer."

Dotson said the next time she gets a questionable call, she will hang up and contact the company herself through a valid number, to make sure the call is legitimate.

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