More summer-like temperatures on the way with a few changes in our weather

Folks in Central Kentucky dealt with a touch of humidity on Wednesday but an east wind will keep things warm and comfy late week

Despite all the bright sunshine, warm temperatures and quiet conditions, it was an interesting day of weather across Central and Eastern Kentucky. Folks along the I-75 corridor (including Lexington) and points westward dealt with high dewpoints and humidity levels, while folks in Eastern Kentucky had a warm but more comfortable day.

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The axis of the warm/heat and humidity worked about 70 miles farther east than anticipated, so that put areas of Central Kentucky and points westward in the crosshairs for a very humid day by early/mid May standards. At times Wednesday afternoon, heat indices were around 90 degrees in Lexington. However, just a few miles down the road into Eastern Kentucky, it was warm but much more comfortable. With a northeast wind coming over the mountains to our east, the air was pushed down toward the surface where it compressed and dried out. As a result, humidity levels were way down. Check out dewpoint temperatures below as of 5:15pm on Wednesday. Keep in mind that these “dewpoints” are a great measure of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere (or the lack there of). Typically anything in the mid-60s feels pretty sticky, especially when you have summer-like air temperatures so the contrast between the Bluegrass and the Eastern mountains really jumps out!

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With the east wind winning out across the board, it looks warm and dry, but less humid on Thursday with highs in the low to mid-80s. You’ll want to enjoy this weather as our rain chances will slowly increase heading into the upcoming weekend.

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As the coastal low moves inland to end the week and a cold front slides in from the west, we’ll get the “squeeze play” as those system meet over the Ohio Valley. This means our chances for rain and storms will increase through Saturday and Sunday as afternoon highs top out either side of 80 degrees.

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WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Clear skies and pleasant. Lows in the upper 50s.
THURSDAY:  More sunshine and warm. Highs in the low to mid-80s.
THURSDAY NIGHT: A few clouds, continued pleasant. Lows in the upper 50s and low 60s.

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