What mistake to avoid when driving this holiday weekend

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A fatal crash in Clark County serves as a reminder to stay safe during this busy holiday weekend.

Near or far, it’s likely you’ll be doing some driving as we honor America’s fallen. AAA expects a lot more drivers on the road: 41.5 million people, 5% more than last year.

State troopers say with more cars on the road come more chances of danger. That’s why they’ll be on social media all weekend, reminding drivers to take it easy.

“Leave extra space between you and the car in front of you. Keep your cell phone laid down,” Trooper Bernie Napier advised.

Those are just a couple of tips, but maybe one we think about less is what to do if you have to pull over during our trip.

Trooper Napier says stay in your car. He recommends pulling over into the emergency lane on the right side of the road, and calling for help from there.

“Getting out of your vehicle puts you in more danger than being in it,” Napier said.

Friday morning, a man died on the interstate in Clark County when a car hit him as he got out of his truck to check on the trailer he was pulling.

If you’re hauling, only stop in parking lots.

“Make sure your stuff is secure in the trailer before you leave, before you head out,” Napier said.

If you must get out of your car, get away from it. The farther you can get yourself from the road, the safer you’ll be.

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