McCreary Co. residents warned of person posing as social worker

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – State officials are asking McCreary County residents to be cautious if they have an unexpected visit from someone claiming to be a social worker after reports have been made of impersonators contacting several local families.

Staff from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) has been advised by the Kentucky State Police that they are investigating at least two people who have impersonated a DCBS social worker on three separate occasions, approaching residents at their homes or calling them and asking personal questions. KSP warns that one person is using a false metal badge as identification.

DCBS Commissioner Adria Johnson said that caseworkers working with families involved in protective services investigations would always carry proper state employee identification with them, and DCBS workers will never have a face to face encounter with a family without providing proper identification, Johnson said.

“Our staff’s mission is to help, not confront families,” she said. “Our investigators have state IDs and would likely be recognizable to families involved with our agency. If families are uneasy about someone unfamiliar claiming to be a DCBS social worker, they should ask for at least two forms of identification, including the state employee ID. If the person refuses, then the resident should contact police.”

A social worker will not call a family without identifying who they are and will not ask personal information over the phone without the family being able to verify the worker’s employment, Johnson continued.  Also, a DCBS social worker will not send letters asking for personal information or identifying information in any form of written communication shared with a family.

To report an incident, call the KSP Post 11 in London at (606) 878-6622.

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