Mammatus Clouds, Rain Shafts, & Heat Advisories

Tuesday, July 17, 2012: Mammatus Clouds, Rain Shafts and More Heat!

Good Tuesday morning, folks!  Since the workweek began, the drought relief has become a little more sporadic, and the afternoon thunderstorms are covering a little less ground than what we experienced over the weekend. 

On Monday, one viewer 2 miles outside of Danville reported 1.3" of rain, thanks to a heavier thunderstorm.  Most other areas didn’t do nearly as well with rainfall, with MOST places only picking up a very small fraction of an inch.  Here are the top four local rain gauge reports from Monday.

You’ll notice that most of the major reporting sites had even less in the way of rainfall.

With that said, the thunderstorms did make for some great scenery, if you like to keep an eye to the sky.  Renea Holman snapped a nice photo that clearly shows the rain shaft out of the base of one cloud near Harrodsburg.

Brenda Carpenter caught a slightly more rare scene, showing pouchlike mammatus clouds on the underside of a thunderstorm that passed near Mount Sterling on Monday evening.

Thank you both for sharing those photos via Facebook!

We’ll have two more days of heat and humidity before cooler air returns.  Today and tomorrow will be the hottest days of this brief heat wave.  Highs will be near 92° today and 93° on Wednesday, but keep in mind the fact that the humidity will make it feel much more like 100° during the hottest part of the day.  In northern Kentucky, it will be slightly hotter, with a heat index in the 100°-105° range during the hottest part of this afternoon, so Heat Advisories are in effect for this afternoon and early evening, there.

There will be some scattered thunderstorms later today, but they’ll only impact approximately 30% of the area. 

Thanks for stopping by the weather blog, and STAY COOL!


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