Madison County residents show their support for school leaders

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – School leaders across the state are facing tough decisions, especially after the Governor asked them to delay the start of in-person classes until at least late September.

Rather than pressure school leaders, many parents and some students showed up at the Madison County School Board on Tuesday to show support.

“It’s our community, our kids, and we feel like it’s our decision,” Marcy Cummings has three kids in Madison County Schools, one of them is her daughter Hannah, who is in seventh grade at Madison County Middle School.

She says they wanted to show support for school leaders as they work on making some difficult decisions for the school year.

“I’m a pediatric occupational therapist so i’ve worked with a lot of kiddos who have struggled with mental illness and things like that but i have seen even with my own kids that you can get kind of bummed. we are not made for isolation, i feel like we need socialization, and even that connection with your teachers,” Cummings said.

Rachel Rieck is a senior at Madison Central High School, she says every student looks forward to having the experience of their senior year.

She says finishing out her junior year online because of the coronavirus was difficult.

“I consider myself an introvert, I’m not out in people’s business all the time,” Rieck says. “So at the very beginning I was like awesome I don’t have to talk to people for a long time but then as it got on I was like I want to see my friends.”

Rieck says that one thing that can help with anxiety for students is being around people in a positive environment.

While some schools have decided to start online, others still are weighing in-person, it’s unclear when that option might happen but these Madison County residents want school leaders to know they are behind them.

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