Locally-owned hardware store awaits new shipment of winter supplies

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- As we get closer to Friday’s winter weather, more and more of you will be rushing out to get last minute supplies.

“Well it’s been a lot more hectic and busier today than we anticipated,” says Bill Edwards, owner of Chevy Chase Hardware in Lexington. Aside from the obvious business implications, Edwards, whether he knows it or not, is helping people.

“I think a lot of people got had last year with all that snow and didn’t have shovels, couldn’t find shovels,” he says. Shovels disappear quickly in the store. One woman closes her trunk, shovels inside, in hopes of opening business regardless of the forecast.

“I manage Alfalfa Restaurant downtown on Main Street and we used up our usefulness of our shovel last year and it’s time for a new one now,” she says.

For others, the punishment of procrastination is off-set with supplies on shelves.

“I’ve been thinking all summer long that I was going to buy a snow shovel,” says one man. Wednesday, this shopper hit the jackpot. “First place I looked,” he boasted.

Of course it’s more than just shovels. Many shoppers are coming in, hoping to put a little ice melt on their driveways. At Chevy Chase Hardware, shoppers get even more than that. They get sound advice.

“You know it’s the time of year when you need to watch your weather stripping and your frozen pipes and of course your snow shovels and ice melt. Always get it as soon as you can, keep from getting caught,” says Edwards.

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