Local hospitals impacted by latest surge

Lexington hospitals held a panel Monday to discuss Omicron impacts.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Hospitals around Lexington addressed how the latest surge of the Coronavirus and Omicron is impacting them amid ongoing staffing shortages. Hospitals say unlike other businesses facing a lack of employees, they can’t close their doors to the public.

Early in the pandemic, areas with high numbers of COVID cases could call in help from other states, but hospitals say due to the many places nationwide approaching or experiencing their peak, there’s no cavalry to call in to help.

“You know how frustrated everyone in the general community is about ‘golly, I just don’t want to hear about COVID anymore’, and I always say now only imagine if you went to work every day and that was all you heard about and then you went home and had to deal with it everywhere else,” says Dr. Ashley Montgomery-Yates, Chief Medical Officer for inpatient and emergency services at UK HealthCare. “Like there’s just not been an escape for the healthcare workers and especially those that are intimately at the bedside. It’s just been very challenging and very emotionally draining on them.”

Health experts urge everyone eligible to get vaccinated and boosted and say to mask up with an N95. According to the hospitals, these steps will help protect you against Omicron and will keep the already limited hospital space open.

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