Lexington teachers rally for future of education

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Teachers from Beaumont Middle School, and some other schools in the area, held a rally of their own ahead of Friday’s upcoming rally at the State Capitol.

Teachers, parents and even some students gathered at Lexington’s Beaumont Centre on Harrodsburg Road Wednesday afternoon, rallying to raise awareness of the importance of education.

“Education, we help to contribute to all professions,” said Jennifer Laytham, a teacher a Beaumont Middle School. “We teach all students, and those students go into the world and do many, many things, so everything we do is just an investment in this world and in our community.”

The teachers rallying want funding for education. They say if the state legislature doesn’t override Governor Matt Bevin’s veto of the budget bill, it will cause problems for school districts.

“It will make it so that we don’t have money for our youth service centers,” said Jennifer Thornton, a teacher at Beaumont Middle School. “It will mean we have no textbook funds. It will mean we have no money to support our students in lots of ways, just to get them bused to school. We’re not talking about things over the top. It also means students that are free and reduced will not be able to take AP tests. How do you break the cycle of poverty? It’s by getting an education and that won’t be covered, unless what is on the table right now is approved by both the senate and the house to override what he has vetoed.”

Teachers are hoping the legislature will realize the importance of a good education, and put more money toward children and their futures.

“We love our kids and we want to see them funded,” said Thornton.

This rally comes ahead of a state-wide rally scheduled for Friday in Frankfort. Some districts, including Fayette and Scott counties, have cancelled classes so that teachers can attend.


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