Lexington prepares for Friday’s winter blast

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Local government is adding to the preparation for Friday’s winter storm, letting folks across Lexington know it’s prepared for whatever happens with this winter blast.

Lexington mayor, Jim Gray addressed Friday’s forecast Thursday afternoon with other city leaders by his side, sending among other messages, reassurance to folks across the area.

“Well it does look like winter has finally arrived in a very big way,” says Gray. Memories of last winter’s snowfall, fuel a new plan for road cleaning.

“What we’re saying is we have supplemented the routine crews from a couple years or even before, so we have these resources now available but we don’t want to raise false expectations either,” he says.

The mayor advises against travel unless absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, over at Bluegrass Airport travel is weighing heavy on the minds of many with delays already being reported. If you find yourself forced to the roadways, crews offer their advice.

“A good rule of thumb, ten miles off the posted speed limit,” says a roads crew member.

Ahead of Friday’s storm, the busiest traffic could be found in your neighborhood grocer.

“Not a single cart, it’s empty out there. Not even the little ‘carry ones’. It’s crazy.”

A lone loaf and grabbed-up half-gallon were sure signs of a storm’s severity. If you are staying home though, power companies want to remind you not to panic if the lights go out.

“If there is a concentrated area in one end of the state where another area was not hit so hard with outages, we can move those crews from one location in the state to another to beef up and support an area that may need more personnel to get the restorations done,” says Cliff Feltham, spokesperson for KU.

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