Lexington Police issue Scam Alert for fake money

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington Police issued a ‘Scam Alert’ for fake money that’s being passed around at stores and on Craigslist and other social media outlets. Police say at first glance, the money looks real, but the bills are actually props used in movies, with “for motion picture use only” written on the front and back.

Police say it’s not illegal to have prop money, but it is against the law to use it as legal tender. Investigators say be sure to always check money before you accept it as payment to make sure it’s real.

If you receive these bogus bills, any information that can be obtained about the person passing them can be e-mailed to fraud@lexingtonpolice.ky.gov or submitted as an anonymous tip at www.bluegrasscrimestoppers.com.

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