‘Kidnapping’ scam reported in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – An old scam that relies on panic and fear has surfaced in Montgomery and possibly other counties in the region.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department says it has received three reports of a male calling and saying they have kidnapped a female relative of the person answering the phone.

According to the department, the caller “typically asks a few questions first and then make demands for a ransom” for what is a fictional kidnapping.

“They try and keep you on the phone so you can’t verify. They ask you to send money by money order out of the country. In addition they have females in the background yelling for help as a part of this scam,” the department advised.

The department has enlisted the help of the FBI. And one of the would-be victims recorded the call, providing additional evidence to assist in the case.

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