UPDATE: Governor Matt Bevin Releases Emails After House Speaker Sues

According to CN2 Pure Politics, Governor Matt Bevin released the 13 pages of emails in question late Friday afternoon.
Tension between state house Democrats and Republicans intensified Friday. Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo has filed an open-records lawsuit against Republican Governor Matt Bevin.

It is part of a panel investigation formed by Stumbo to investigate whether Governor Bevin cancelled a road project in Jessamine county as political retaliation.

Now, Stumbo is suing the Governor over records related to the project. He says Bevin will not release 13 pages of emails that his office requested through the open-records act.

The Speaker says the Governor is breaking the law by releasing some of the emails to the public, while telling Stumbo’s office the emails are exempt from his public records request.

Just hours after the Speaker filed his suit, the committee he organized met to hear its attorney give them a timeline of the road project. The one Republican representative on the panel suggested the project is just delayed.
“It looks as if at one stage it was cancelled at another stage it was then considered delayed so those are questions we still need to get firm answers on,” Representative Jim Wayne said.

ABC 36 reached out to the Governor’s office to get his reaction to Stumbo’s lawsuit, but his administration has not responded.

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