Kentucky election puts Medicaid expansion in crosshairs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Kentucky could become the first state to repeal the expansion of its Medicaid program depending on the outcome of a closely contested governor’s race.
Republican nominee for governor Matt Bevin says the state cannot continue to pay for the health insurance of able-bodied adults. Taxpayers now pay for a quarter of the health insurance of the state’s population. The costs are putting a strain on Kentucky’s finances.
Bevin says he would repeal the state’s expansion and replace it with something else. A spokeswoman says the new program could require people to pay a premium for their health coverage, and some could graduate from Medicaid eligibility.
Democratic nominee Jack Conway says he would continue the Medicaid expansion unchanged. He has called Bevin’s plan “callous” because he says it would take health insurance away from people.

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