Keeping The Heat In Your Home This Winter

There are some simple steps you can take right now, before the cold hits, to help lower your electric bills this winter.

Cliff Feltham with Kentucky Utilities said, "Basically it is tightening up your house, making sure there are no leaks for the warm air that’s in your house to leak outside."

He said to caulk any gaps in your windows or doors and consider adding insulation to your attic so the heat won’t escape from the top of your house.

Simply keeping your thermostat a couple degrees lower can also make a difference in your heating bill.

To find out what else is making your electric meter spin, families can fill out a home energy analysis on KU’s website.

KU also allows qualifying families to use a budget billing plan, which helps spread your higher bills over the entire year.

Feltham said, "You’ll pay roughly the same amount for your electricity regardless of whether it’s very hot or very cold."

More energy-saving tips and information about these programs can be found here and here on KU’s website.

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