Judge/Executive of first Kentucky County to report virus case now likely has COVID

HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Judge/Executive of the first Kentucky County to report a coronavirus case now likely has coronavirus himself.

Harrison County Judge Executive Alex Barnett wrote on Facebook Monday his doctor has told him he’s positive for COVID-19 even though he hasn’t received a positive test yet.

Barnett says he’s been in quarantine 14 days because he was in contact with someone with the virus.

He says he received negative test results Sunday from a test taken Friday, but Monday morning he woke up feeling drained.

“As the morning progressed, I was chilled, started to ache and my temperature actually dropped to 95 degrees,” Barnett said.

His doctor advised him to go to the emergency room.

“By the time I got there, I had a fever of 100.5. While I have yet to receive a positive test, the ER Dr (Dr Walker) assured me that I was positive for Covid,” Barnett said.

The Judge/Executive says he’s back home now, but is experiencing more symptoms.

“…my throat is getting sore, my body is aching and I am loosing [sic] my sense of taste and smell. Luckily for me, I have not been around anyone, except for my wife. Please know that this virus is not going away, we must listen to Wedco and other health professionals if we are going to slow the spread,” Barnett said.

Harrison County reported Kentucky’s first coronavirus case early in March.

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