Judge denies Gov. Bevin’s request to depose plaintiffs in pension lawsuit

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- The fight over whether or not the new public pension law is legal raged on in court Monday.

Lawyers for Governor Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear met in front of a judge Monday morning to decide whether or not the governor would be allowed to take sworn, out-of-court testimony from the three plaintiffs in the case.

A judge denied Governor Bevin’s request to depose not only the Attorney General’s Office but also representatives from the other two plaintiffs in the case, the Kentucky Education Association and the Franternal Order of Police.

The judge denied the governor’s request because he said there was no need for these depositions this early in the case.

The reason the governor wanted to take sworn testimony from the plaintiffs to begin with was because his lawyers are arguing some of the facts presented in the lawsuit are incorrect.

Lawyers for the attorney general say the governor’s request was irrelevant and just a way to delay the case.

“We’re not in any way attempting to waste anyone’s time, to take day after day of deposition here. We would like to go in with some specific depositions and with specific questions and get to the point,” said Steve Pitt, Gov. Bevin’s Lawyer.

“The discovery that the governor seeks in this case is unnecessary and inappropriate. It’s not relevant,” said Travis Mayo, lawyer for the Attorney General’s Office.

In his ruling the judge said that if there are disputes over facts in the case he would schedule a hearing to go over each of them.

This lawsuit isn’t going to end any time soon, many expect it will eventually have to be decided by Kentucky’s supreme court.

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