It’s Still Hot, But Not *As* Hot. Spotty Storms For Some

Tuesday, July 3, 2012: Heat Continues, Although It Isn’t QUITE As Hot…

Good Tuesday morning, folks!

Stifling summer heat continues to grip the eastern two-thirds of the nation, and we’re right in the middle of it all here in Kentucky.  With that said, temperatures are not quite as high as they were this past weekend.

Take a look at yesterday’s highs.  If you saw Monday’s, post, you may notice that highs were about 6° cooler (a very relative term) on Monday, compared to what we dealt with on Sunday.  Still, Monday’s highs were warm enough to tie a couple of old records in Lexington and Louisville.

The 90s never looked so good.

Today will be similar, with highs around 96° in Lexington.  Today’s record high of 98° was set in 1911, and it will probably continue to stand.  With that said, the heat index will come close to 100° during the hottest part of the late afternoon.  In light of that, the National Weather Service offices in Wilmington, OH and Charleston, WV have posted Heat Advisories for northern and northeastern Kentucky.

Regardless of if you are inside or outside of the advisory area, the heat index will be near 100° later today. 

While our recent storm damage was not nearly as bad as what parts of Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia dealt with, there are still signs of the recent storms.  Lance Kirkland snapped this photo of a branch that remains down in the Masterson Station neighborhood of Lexington.

Courtesy: Lance Kirkland

Today will bring some additional, scattered thunderstorms.  A few isolated cells are already developing in southern and western parts of our area at midmorning.  The greatest chance for thunderstorms will be later this afternoon, but they will remain scattered.  Not everyone is guaranteed rain.

We could all use it, though. 

Here is the latest NAM / WRF forecast for today’s thunderstorms.  You’ll notice that even in the oversimplified computer model world, there will be many square miles that miss the action today.  Those who pick up a brief thunderstorm might count themselves fortunate.

Courtesy: Penn State Univ. Dept. of Meteorology

We’ll have a full update at noon on ABC 36, and we’ll also look ahead at the July 4th forecast, from Lexington to the lakes!

Stay cool!


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