Ice storm freezes cars and causes build up of snow and ice on power lines

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) The overnight storm left many cars encased in ice and roadways dusted with snow. Downtown, drivers drove at a steady and slow pace despite patches of dark road visible.

Snow built-up on power lines around Lexington, and ice covered trees.

Throughout the day and night on Thursday, city emergency managers and first responders kept a close eye on any weather changes.

Lexington Police assured citizens yesterday that ramps would be closed if too much weather-related accidents caused back up on highways and led to any standstill traffic.

Chief Lawrence Weathers spoke at a press conference downtown on Thursday saying that “Traffic would be assessed and then redirected if need be.”

As of 6 pm on Thursday, Kentucky State Police responded to 80 weather-related collisions and 57 calls for ‘motorist assist’ across the state.

Possible power outages are still be monitored in neighborhoods. You can check the status of any nearby outages if you have a smart phone.

  • Go to the App store
  • Search for LG&E KU ODP app
  • Download app
  • It may ask you to sign in
  • Once signed it, it will give you a map of neighborhoods around you and will able to tell you where outages are.
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