Hundreds of teachers rally at the capitol against pension reform

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Teachers from across the state spent Wednesday’s snow day at the state capitol, rallying against the republican-backed pension reform bill.

Hundreds of teachers, young and old, converged on the capitol, making sure lawmakers know they do not support the current pension reform bill.

Kacey Shepherd, Jordan Pack and Courtney Amburgey are elementary education students at Alice Lloyd College.

All three are from Kentucky and all three say they want to stay and teach here in Kentucky after they graduate.

“I don’t want to leave Kentucky because I like it a lot here. The kids are awesome and all the teachers that I’ve had have always been awesome,” said Jordan Pack.

That’s why Pack says they joined the hundreds of other current and former teachers at the capitol Wednesday, to protest Senate Bill 1, the republican-backed pension reform bill, many teachers say would take away benefits they’ve earned.

“We want what was promised to us. We’re not asking for anything else just what was promised to all the state workers,” said Pat Saros, a teacher from Pike County.

Protests like this seem to be working in these teachers favor, as just a few weeks ago lawmakers were confident Senate Bill 1 would pass, now not so much.

“I think senate bill one is dead. Of course I’ve been here long enough to know that you can never say never,” said Sen. Ray Jones, D-Pikeville.

That possibility is something these three students say they know they’ll have to deal with long into the future but say they’re prepared to continue to fight like this for the rest of their careers.

“I want them to know that young people are out and ready to vote too and our vote is going to count for many more years to come. So they need to listen to us and everybody else here,” said Pack.

With just a few weeks left in this session, lawmakers are not confident any pension legislation will pass.

Even so, teachers say they will be out here every day to in their words, make sure nothing sneaks through.

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