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Harrison Memorial opens ‘Cough Clinic’

Since opening March 21st, the Cough Clinic's already busy and it's doing some valuable work.

Department for Public Health investigates vaccination-associated infections

The Department for Public Health says it is investigating multiple infections associated with vaccinations given by Location Vaccination at various businesses in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.
Jamie Bishop, Ray Martin, & Sharon Martin

Deceased teen’s caretakers charged with manslaughter

The mother and grandparents of a disabled teenager who died from an infection caused by open bedsores have pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges.
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First travel-related Zika infection identified in Fayette Co.

The first instance of laboratory-confirmed infection with Zika virus in Lexington was recently identified in a Fayette County infant born to a woman who had travelled during pregnancy to an area where the virus is circulating.
Zika Virus

UK HealthCare doctors discuss Zika prevention

At a press conference on Tuesday, doctors at UK HealthCare urged Kentuckians to take precautions to prevent mosquito bites this summer, and to be aware of travel warnings and developing information regarding the Zika virus.

Shigella Infection Reaches Higher Numbers In Fayette County

Health department officials warn of higher number of Shigella than in previous years.

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