Gov. Beshear warns Kentuckians to “be vigilant and safe” ahead of potentially severe weather system

Kentuckians advised to stay off flooded roads, away from downed lines

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Gov. Andy Beshear warned Kentuckians to be vigilant and safe ahead of a potentially severe weather system that is predicted to generate heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds Thursday throughout the commonwealth.

Severe thunderstorms are possible in Western Kentucky on Thursday morning and afternoon. The greatest risk of severe thunderstorms in Central and Eastern Kentucky will be in the afternoon and evening hours.

Damaging wind gusts will be the main threat; however, any thunderstorm has the potential to create a small, brief tornado. It will be very windy Wednesday and Thursday. Gusts up to 50 mph are predicted during the Thursday event, with some isolated gusts of up to 60 mph. Heavy rain of 1.5 to 2 inches will occur through Friday morning, which will likely create minor flooding issues.

“Kentuckians should follow their local forecasts as this storm moves across the commonwealth,” said Gov. Beshear. “If you are out and about, be aware of your surroundings. Stay away from downed limbs and power lines, and if you come upon a flooded road, turn around and find another route.”

Steps to keep yourself safe after flooding:

  • Watch your step. Floodwaters often hide sharp and dangerous debris like broken glass and metal.
  • Wear the appropriate protective clothing and gear such as boots, gloves and safety glasses when it comes to moving debris.
  • Stay away from electrical utility equipment after a storm or if it is wet, to prevent being electrocuted. Report any utility issues to your local utility company.
  • Flooded homes are hazardous. Get a professional to check for loose wires, mold and hidden damage before re-entering.
  • Avoid walking in floodwater. It can be contaminated with oil, gasoline or sewage.
  • Use generators or other gas-powered machinery only outdoors and away from windows.

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