Gobble Grease Toss Safely Disposes Used Cooking Oil

If you fried your turkey this Thanksgiving, you can easily recycling the used cooking oil at the Gobble Grease Toss.

This annual event gives fryers the opportunity to get rid of used cooking oil in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

It was held Friday at Henry Clay High School.

Students at HCHS will use the cooking oil to make biodiesel for a science project.

Fats, oils and grease from cooking that are poured down the sink can solidify in pipes which can clog sewer lines and cause backups.

“When you put grease and oil into the sewer system is it clumps up and clogs and pretty soon you have a huge ball of grease that is clogging your entire sewer system,” said Beth Oleson with Bluegrass Greensource, a sponsor of the event.
Oleson said it can be expensive to fix and could cause environmental problems.
If you couldn’t make it to the Gobble Grease Toss but still have cooking oil that needs disposing Bluegrass Greensource says to put it in a soup or coffee can and allow the grease to harden.  Solidified grease can be placed in your green Herbie waste cart with other landfill-bound waste.

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