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US stocks recover, oil prices sink as Iran-US tensions ease

As Iran-US tensions ease, stock are recovering and oil prices are lowering.

Properly disposing of grease and oil after Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is over and you have leftover grease, Lexington has a solution. 

A program allows residents to recycle cooking oil

Officials say Lexington residents can safely get rid of hundreds of gallons of cooking oil that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Gas prices spike in Kentucky

Officials with AAA say Kentucky has seen one of the largest spikes in gas prices of any state in the U.S. in the week since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Old Frankfort Pike shut down in both directions

Both directions of Old Frankfort Pike have been shut down due to a large oil spill, according to Lexington Traffic Management.

Under the Hood S & S Tire – Oil Changes

It's square one when it comes to auto maintenance - checking your oil and changing it regularly. James O'Daniel, with S & S Tire at Brannon Crossing shares the basics on this crucial step for extending the life of your car.

Testing results revealed after lightning strikes Kinder Morgan plant

It was another heated meeting tonight. Kinder Morgan and their environmental consultant thought they were bringing good news. announcing that there are no short term health effects from the oily mist besides irritation. but many in the crowd say they left with more questions than answers.

Residents voice their concerns about oily mist release in Powell County

After they say they were getting the runaround from officials with Kinder Morgan, who owns the Tennessee Gas Pipeline plant near Clay City, the people of Powell County are demanding an explanation from the company at a meeting at the Clay City Municipal Center. Many are looking for answers after a thick mist of natural gas condensate fell across the area when lightning struck the plant Monday afternoon.
Oil drums

Official: Low-level radioactive waste dumped in Kentucky

A Kentucky official says low-level nuclear waste from drilling operations in other states was dumped illegally in Kentucky last year.
Hearing delayed for judge accused of misconduct

Judge says deal over environmental damage can’t be sealed

A Franklin County judge says he's inclined to approve the terms of a settlement between the state Energy and Environment Cabinet and an eastern Kentucky oil company over a diesel fuel leak but can't allow it to be sealed.

Kentucky officials agreed to confidential deal

A published report says state officials agreed to keep details of a proposed oil spill deal secret, but a judge rejected the idea.

California man sentenced for fraudulent oil scheme in Kentucky

A federal judge sentenced a California man to 13 years in federal prison for his role in an oil investment scheme in Kentucky
Ky. House of Representatives

Kentucky House votes to update oil, gas rules

A bill to update environmental protection rules applied to drilling companies has drawn strong bipartisan support in passing the Kentucky House.
Kentucky Legislature LOW-RES

As fracking increases, lawmakers look to update the rules

State lawmakers are trying to upgrade Kentucky's oil and gas regulations as companies begin exploring deep into the state's mountains mostly known for their coal deposits.
Recycling cooking oil at the Gobble Grease Toss

Gobble Grease Toss Safely Disposes Used Cooking Oil

This annual event gives fryers the opportunity to get rid of used cooking oil in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

Judge approves oil company bankruptcy settlement

A federal bankruptcy judge has approved a $1.9 million settlement between a bankrupt oil company and its former CEO, who is due to report to federal prison soon.
Oil Spill

Oil Spills Into Eastern Kentucky Stream

Kentucky environmental officials say several hundred gallons of crude oil have spilled into a stream in eastern Kentucky.
Furniture Refurbishing

That’s Pinteresting: Furniture Refurbishing

A simple mixture of oil and vinegar can help restore your wood furniture to its original luster.
Furniture Refurbishing

That’s Pinteresting: Furniture Refurbishing

A simple mixture of oil and vinegar can help restore your wood furniture to its original luster.

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