Georgetown making improvements to snow plan

Several cities have learned how to better deal with a big snow storm after battling a foot of snow two weeks ago. Now, cities like Georgetown are learning from their mistakes and are making changes to their snow plans.

Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather says he plans on having a bigger response and faster response to the snow that is expected to start falling Wednesday. The city has 7 snow plows ready to go and has at least 5 contractors standing by to help with side streets. Prather says crews will be on the road as soon as the snow starts to fly.

While some drivers worked 20-hour shifts two weeks ago, they will now rotate in 12-hour shifts to stay better rested.

To help the plows be more effective, the mayor is asking for everyone to remove their parked cars from both downtown and neighborhood streets starting Wednesday morning and continuing through Thursday night.

Georgetown used 600 tons of salt to fight the last winter storm, but the city has already restocked its supply and is back to 900 tons.

If anyone has a non-emergency medical need, such as filling a prescription or a doctor needing a ride to work, the city asks you to call dispatch at 502-863-7820. Emergency calls should still use 911.

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