Gas prices spike in Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Many people are hitting the road today and getting out of town to celebrate this Labor Day weekend.

Those that stop to get fuel may notice gas prices have risen substantially here in Kentucky in just the past week and experts say that’s directly correlated to the catastrophic flooding down in Texas.

Officials with AAA say Kentucky has seen one of the largest spikes in gas prices of any state in the U.S. in the week since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

AAA says gas prices have risen an average of 17 cents in Kentucky since last Friday, the third highest increase in the nation just behind Delaware and South Carolina that saw increases of 18 and 19 cents.

Officials say this rapid spike in prices is caused by a combination of the holiday weekend and the unprecedented flooding in Texas that has forced multiple oil refineries to shut down.

Officials say they don’t expect the prices to stay this high for long but in the mean time they’re encouraging drivers to hunt for the best deals.

“Forget brand loyalty, forget going to your favorite station. As you drive along your normal commute look around and look at the gas prices and where they’re posted at the lowest price, purchase your gasoline there. That will encourage retailers to keep their prices low,” said Lilla Mason, a AAA representative.

AAA officials say they expect gas prices to stay at this higher price for about two weeks before gradually getting back down to where they were before the storm hit.

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