The Garden Guy – Getting Your Vegetables Started in the Garden

The Garden Guy – Getting Your Vegetables Started in the Garden

Hi. Mike O’Rourke, The Garden Guy, here. It’s now time to get your vegetables in the garden. Get them out there. Whether you do a container garden or whether you put them in the ground, and you till them, and you sweat your behind off, and you’re weeding like nothing … I’m partial to the container growing, can’t you tell? Well, when it comes down to planting specific plants, there’s no real trick other than the one that Gramps taught me a long time ago. Don’t necessarily pick a tomato because some of the leaves look a little better than the others. Well, this one right here I would’ve gotten yesterday and put it in, and I would’ve made it a point to do something here. I want you to pick off the suckers. What are the suckers? They’re these little green things that are down below that look like leaves, and they are leaves. Pinch those off. See the little dying leaves that are on there? I want you to pinch those off also. Why, Mike? Why? Now look at that. It looks like a tree, doesn’t it?

Because if you see this black portion down here, I want you to bury this a little bit beyond the black that’s on there. See all those little hairs? Those little hairs are potential roots. Those roots are going to take in the nutrients and process it and make their own food. We aren’t feeding them when we give them the nutrients. They make their own food. So, here’s the deal. Get a tomato that’s got all these fine, little hairs on the base of them, bury it about a half an inch beyond that, let these hairs start to work their way out, and enjoy it in about 72 days later. I, for instance, have a Big Boy here. You pop it off, you slice it up, you put it on rye bread and butter, and you might want to have a beer with it. It’s heaven. For ABC 36, I’m Mike O’Rourke, The Garden Guy. Don’t forget to watch me here every week, right here on ABC 36.


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