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Sunday, July 25, 2021
Tags Mike O'Rourke

Tag: Mike O'Rourke

Garden Guy – French Hydrangeas

French Hydrangeas

Garden Guy – Pruning Perennials

The Garden Guy tells us how to prune our perennials to get them ready for winter

The Garden Guy – Hardy Hydrangeas

The Garden Guy on a hybrid hydrangea that can withstand harsher conditions.

Garden Guy – Hydrangeas

Growing hydrangeas

Garden Guy – Getting Rid of Nutsedge

Garden Guy talks about getting rid of nutsedge.

Garden Guy – Growing Healthy Food

How to grow healthy foods using the right nutrients.

Garden Guy – Japanese Beatles

There are several products that you can purchase and apply to protect your plants.

The Garden Guy – Maple trees

The Garden Guy looks at the different types of Maple trees and has advice on picking the best one for your yard.

The Garden Guy – Picking Yard Grass

The Garden Guy looks at different yard grasses.

The Garden Guy – Hydrangeas

The Garden Guy has tips on growing healthy hydrangeas.

Garden Guy – Knockout Roses

Our Garden Guy gives tips on how to grow and care for knockout roses and tells us why they are the perfect addition to...

The Garden Guy – Getting Your Vegetables Started in the Garden

It's now time to get your vegetables in the garden. Get them out there. Whether you do a container garden or whether you put them in the ground, and you till them, and you sweat your behind off, and you're weeding like nothing

Mother’s Day floral gift ideas from the Garden Guy

Our 'Garden Guy' has floral gift ideas for Mother's Day that will keep giving year round.

The Garden Guy – Growing Rhododendrons

ABC 36's Mike O'Rourke takes a look at planting, and caring for, rhododendrons in this week's "The Garden Guy."

Garden Guy – Preparing for spring planting

The Garden Guy" takes us behind the scenes to see how soil is prepared to start your plants.

The Garden Guy – Focal Point Plants

Looking for something eye-catching in your garden? Mike O'Rourke takes a look at some options that will be sure to draw attention in this week's "The Garden Guy."

The Garden Guy – Picking the Perfect Blueberry Plant

Interested in moving away from genetically modified fruits? Mike O'Rourke has some tips on picking a blueberry plant for your garden.

Planting Herbs – The Garden Guy

Want fresh herbs to add to your cooking arsenal? Mike O'Rourke has a quick overview of everything you need to know about planting herbs in this week's The Garden Guy.

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New outreach program serving in local communities

Community outreach programs have teamed up to bring resources and hope directly into communities in need.

Hops and Vine Festival celebrates local business

Apollo Pizza turns 40 this year and held it's birthday celebration during the annual Hops and Vine Festival.

Music comes to Midway with first local music festival

Local sponsors put on the first music festival in Midway on Saturday.

The Nest hosts first in-person event of the year

This year's annual Family Fun Day by The Nest was themed "safety".